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The 50 Foot / 50 Hand Challenge! CLOSED!
THIS CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED! But feel free to do it just for fun/improvement!
This was a drawing challenge from :iconSenshiStock: and :iconmostlyguystock:!
Hands and feet are pretty hard to draw. Lots of artists struggle with them! Even when other things come naturally, hands and feet can still be quite a problem. The best way to get better at drawing hands and feet is to study them!
The Challenge: Sketch or draw 50 feet AND 50 hands from reference photos or life.
Deadline: The deadline has passed for this challenge, but you can still participate and make yourself a better artist!
You can post them as one giant post, in groups, one at a time, however you want! But please make a FOLDER in your gallery and put them all in there then send me a link to the folder. (If you do one submission with ALL of them at once, then you don't need the folder.)
HOW TO QUALIFY: In order to make this a little easier for myself, please number yo
:iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 912 1,048
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I wouldn't straigth away call myself an artist. I'm more like a person, who just draws anything that seems fun. I'm not studying art or anything. Just enjoying while doing it.
Also I'm going to eat your soul.
Wanna know what's funny? Your underpants.
Yeah. It's a good thing I didn't strive to become a comedian.


Shining like a light in the night time
"..loving everything that you got"
So yeah, was listening to "The Right Time" by Tuxedo and this happened.
Overall I enjoyded working on this. I just love drawing those sassy ladies, even if they had some extra in the junk. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
Also, summer is finally here! Which means that I need to go and get a new pair of bikinis and I do feel self-conscious about that.. So I guess this work came up in just *right time* (lol), because I have been feeling quite self-conscious about my body. ゞ◎Д◎ヾ
And yes, I've been _quite_ busy lately. Moved to a whole new city and got a new job and.. yeah. But I still try my best to find some time for drawing. I even managed to try out some cartoonish style. ( ˘▽˘)~
Opening the Third Eye
So.. Yeah.
I've been really busy and tired in last couple of months. In shortly I'll be graduating as practical nurse/nanny (no not the one with the terrible laughter :p)/youth leader. Overall my profession is pretty wide, so I guess that's a good thing.
Finally, when I had the time to just relax and draw, I descided to go out of my comfort zone, and draw without any outlines. Turned out pretty okay, I guess.
Programme: Painttool SAI + final editing with GIMP
Time: Can't really tell. Roughly maybe 3 hours? (didn't draw in a one sitting.. :c)
I desdiced to do this meme, because.. boredom. Hope you will have a laugh (at me)!

Name: In DA LittleScythe (d'uh), irl Julia : >
Birthday: 4th of September, 1994
Height: 176cm/5'7 (yes I am a giant)
Weight: 85kg/187lb (and yes, I am a wide giant, although atm losing weight :l)
Eye Color: Light green/blueish
Hair Color: Coppery Red/Brown
Race: Cat
Zodiac Sign: Virgo (it's actually pretty stupid, that in finnish virgo means "virgin" :l "oh hi i'm a virgo = oh hi i'm a virgin")

Drink?: Sometimes. :x
Smoke?: No.
Use Drugs?: No.
Cuss?: Depends. Mostly no.
Play Any Instruments?: I used to play about 7-8 years piano, couple of years guitar.. Now I'm keen to learn how to play ukulele. Saxophone would also be very nice. : >
Have Any Peircings?: Earrings only. I've been thinking of getting my nostril pierced, but I don't know... I'm a big scarycat. : (
Have Any Tattoos?: No.
Like To Annoy People?: MY GOD YES. At least those kind of people, that "deserve" it! (for example people, who have are almost childish when it comes to certain subjects)
Like Life?: Yes. :>
Wear Make-Up?: Sometimes. But now, in summer, very rarely. Would say only in the weekends.
Dye Your Hair?: With Henna dye, yes. :3
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: If someone tickles me, or makes me laugh, then yes. ._.
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: ...if they are considered NICE shiny objects, then yes. e.e
Like Pina Coladas?: Never tasted it. :x
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: ..wait. Do you mean, that you'd get caught by someone in the rain (not cool, dude), or that get caught by rain? I'm confused. ._.

Dependable?: Guess so. Even my chinese sign is dog. Woff.
Trustworthy?: Guess so, again.
Obsessive?: Probably not. At least when it comes to people. : D
Hyper Active?: Tired (x) Hungry (x) --> yes.
Happy?: Sometimes. :>
Content?: ..wha..?
Boring?: Well some may find me and my "jokes" more boring than watching a paint dry. But I guess it's more of a subjective matter.
Violent?: Mostly towards things, that are not alive.
Evil?: Again, read the latter response.
Hippie-Ish?: Some people have said that I am, so I guess so. : D
Shy?: Sometimes. ;-;
Paranoid?: When it comes very dark, I'm in a crowd or a very wide area, then maybe little.
Annoying?: Some people say that I am, so I guess so, again. :>
Social?: When I'm around with people that I want to hang out with, than yes. Mostly yes.
Religious?: I don't find myself believing in God, but I do find the subject overall very interesting.

TV Show?: There are more than I can count. Frasier, How I Met Your Mother, Welcome to N.H.K, Pasila, Berserk, Blackadder, Monty Pythons sketches, Kummeli.. There are many. :l
Movie?: I won't start listing them. But one, that had a very positive effect on me, would definately be Interstellar. I was very surprised how good it was.
Band/Singer(s)?: Nujabes, Architecture In Tokyo, SydänSydän, 1000mods
Song?: Architecture In Tokyo - MUTUAL (ft.Yung Bae) <--- currently listening to this :3
Book/Story?: Lately I've been trying to finish the Kingston Walls book. :I
Color(s)?: Green(420 blaze it, lol)/Mint green, Prussian blue, Wine red, Pastel pink and Mustard yellow (very exact names, yes)
Shape?: Roundish, straight line
Animal?: Hedgehoge :3
Person?: ME \:D/
Smell?: The fresh smell after rain, a smell of good perfume :3
Flower?: Lilium :3
Subject?: Art history, psychology, music history
Board : Dunno
Musical : I don't watch that many musicals..
Sport?: Yoga, walking and cycling. :3
Word?: I really like the finnish word "kiltti" (=nice). It just sounds so cute when pronounced. :3
Quote?: "I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind." - Albert Einstein
Hobby?: Drawing/Painting, comicbooks/books overall, baking :3

Store?: Fleamarkets.
Season?: Spring/Autumn.
Time Of Day?: Morning/Day

Worst Fear?: That all of my life would end, or dramatically change, over a small event. It kinda makes you wonder how fragile we are.
Life Goal?: Maybe that one day I'd be able to... well, understand all of this. Okay, maybe not all, but atleast a fraction of it. And maybe that I'd gain more skills to understand other people, and myself.
Greatest Accomplishment?: I've putten stop my bad habbits, when it comes to treating people badly that is. I stopped bullying this one person, and apologized to her. Now we are friends. : >

Pepsi Or Coke?: ..NEITHER.
McDonald's Or Burger King?: BURGER KING. :D
Converse Or Vans?: NEITHER.
Dogs Or Cats?: BOTH.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: NONE.
Chicken Or Fish?: Fish. :3
Black Or White?: Grey.
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: Mobilephone!
Pants Or Shorts?: Skirts. :3

Day: Doing some chores (cleaning, baking etc..), watching some documentaries or reading a good book, just overall enjoying my lfe. .w.
Room: Well, my next perfect room would be my own apartment. But I guess it would be very bright (maybe white walls and floors..?), big windows, not too small or not too spacious.
Life: Well, If I'd knew what would be perfect I'd be living it already.
World: A one, that'd still exist in a couple of decades..
Romantic Date: Just a date, where you can chill out and enjoy the other persons company. Maybe some coffee/tea, a nice little walk through the woods.. Maybe also a date on the beach, perhaps?

God?: As I mentioned earlier, no.
Heaven & Hell?: Yes and no. I think they only exist in humans mind. Although that doesn't make them overall non-existent.
Angels & Demons?: No.
Reincarnation?: Well, as an thought it doesn't sound that bad. But when you start to think about it..
Yourself?: Well, I do exist so I guess so. :--D
Ghosts?: No. I think they can be explained very clearly with neurology
FOs?:  Maybe not UFOs... You know, those green Marsians etc. But I do sincerely believe, that there may be some other kinds of lifeforms throughout the space. We can't be the only lucky ones, you know.
Big Foot?: My dad has a big foot, so I guess so. : D
Lockness Monster?:  Nah. Although I'd still be quite paranoid to go swin in that lake. .________.'
A Thing Called Love?: Yes.

Kill Someone Else?: No. Even though sometimes I feel like it.
Kill Yourself?: At least now I don't think so.
Beg For Money?: I already do that to my parents. :-D
Skydive?: ..Kinda yes?
Bunjee Jump?: ..Again, kinda yes?
Make out in the rain?: Yes. :3
Run Away From Home?: Nah. Too comfy in here. Plus I'm not that much of a teenager anymore.
Ride A Motorcycle?: Already done that. \ : D /
Do Extreme Sports?: ...what is meant by "extreme"?

Do You Own A Car?: With my dad, yes.
Ever Been To Jail?: No. I'm too much of wuss to do anything illegal. : D
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: From Habbo Hotel, yes. And yes, it's an accomplishment.
Do You Have A Job?: Summerjob, yes. ~
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: No. I just like to torture myself.

Are You Lonely?: Nah.
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: Ewww, Cheetos... ._.
Do You Fee The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: Where do I send?
Really?: Are playing somekind of mindtrick right now? e.e
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: Somehow, now that I think about it, it reminds of some old Internet pasta..
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?:  Dunno. Go ask some expert.
Is That Your Final Answer?: Yes.. Oh wait nononononono--
Are You Sure?: Hmm..
Postitive?: Dunno.
Glad That This Is Over?: Well kinda. Been doing this meme for at least half an hour now. : D


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